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Case Studies about Maintenance of Metalworking Fluids

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Zebra Skimmers Corp. specializes in small to medium machine shops who don't have central systems, support specialists and regular visits from their coolant supplier. We couple technology and science to make affordable products. We're also famous for our quality, and for making products that are easy to maintain, service, and customize to your specific needs. As a result, we are the world's premier manufacturer and supplier of innovative metalworking fluids maintenance equipment, supplies, and accessories.

Every now and then, one of our customers is wildly enthusiastic about how well our products work, saving them time and money. On the other hand, sometimes something funny happens instead, so that we can still learn something and smile at the same time. This website is dedicated to sharing these stories. In some cases we have had to change the names in order to protect the innocent.

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List of Stories Product Used Application State Country
Casestroll ZVA6 Coolant Maintenance OH USA
Clark Manufacturing ZVA7 Tramp Oil Removal MI USA
Coolant Maintenance Sucks F15 Coalescer & Hammerhead Removal of Tramp and Cutting Oils NJ USA
Virginia Panel GS Disk Skimmer with Diverter Tramp Oil Removal VA USA
Precision Parts Center The Oxygenator™ Coolant Aeration TX USA
Abrasives and Tools Machinist's Mixer Coolant Mixing NH USA
Mold Rite Plastics Zebra Snapdragon™ ADAPT™ Oil & Fines Removal NY USA
BigBen Manufacturing Zebra Muscle™ Coalescer Remove Contamination from Chip Conveyor BC CAN
JR3, Inc. GS Disk Skimmer with Diverter Tramp Oil Removal CA USA
Withheld by request Long Belt Skimmer Removing Waste Oil   Finland
Excellent Tool & Die Sidewinder® Tube Skimmer Tramp Oil Removal OH USA
Oklahoma State University B Series Belt Skimmer Oil Removal OK USA

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